What is "Wedding Day Management?"

Comprehensive wedding day management is a fundamental part of any good wedding planner's services.  Basically it involves the following:

  1. - Compiling and organizing all of the information required to ensure a successful and smooth wedding day,  (that's what all the meetings, checklists and questionnaires are for)
  2. - contacting all hired vendors and creating a comprehensive plan based on this information, (your wedding day on paper- day of itinerary, set up outlines, etc.)
  3. - and executing this plan on the wedding day itself.

A quick list (not nearly exhaustive but close!) of the things your planner will be handling for you as part of Wedding Day Management:

  • confirming and coordinating all wedding vendors (emailing and calling them individually to confirm we both have accurate info as to what is expected of them, when, and where);
  • creation of your day-of itinerary, including specific versions for each vendor, your family and your bridal party;
  • distributing final payments & gratuities to all vendors;
  • giving you and your bridal party access to our wedding day emergency kit;
  • distributing all bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and other wedding flowers;
  • setting up escort/place cards, favors, programs, menus & more;
  • greeting and directing your guests to the festivities;
  • lining up your wedding party for the ceremony processional and reception grand entrance;
  • making sure everyone is ready for the formal photos;
  • making sure you and your beloved have your favorite drink in hand at the reception;
  • ensuring all musicians are prepared with proper pronunciations of names and all important songs, and are aware of the evening's schedule;
  • making sure you, your family and bridal party eat and enjoy cocktail hour;
  • and ensuring you get exactly the kind of celebration you are looking for.

What we do when we manage the wedding day is use our planning expertise, and ability to think on our feet to coordinate the heck out of your day and make it flow like a well oiled machine.  We will also handle any unforeseen emergency or circumstance, so you don't have to. This service is included in each planning suite that TME offers.  We would LOVE to help whip your big day into organized shape!

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