Event Planning for Movement Makers

If you've got an idea in your mind, a seed ready for planting, a yearning to connect with more of your peeps and enact change on a larger scale, then you may be ready to host a live event. Live transformational events are an incredible way to make an impact and reach many people at once - and that's why so many soul-preneurs, healers, thought leaders and movement makers are hosting them.

Events help take your vision and your mission and make them into tangible experiences that bring people into community to learn and grow together. You know what your event wants to put into the world- we can help you get there. Services are priced based on the size and scope of your event, and include visioning and brainstorming sessions, logistical planning and execution, venue research and contract negotiations, and liaising with vendors. We also offer on-site event management.

We can help you create: 
Training Events
Book Launch Parties and Tours
Business/project launch parties

If this sounds like something you'd love to have as a part of your business, I invite you to reach out to me at heythere@jasminecianfloneevents.com. We'll set up a time to chat more about your ideas and see if our services would be a good fit for your next venture. We'll deal with the details while you make magic for your audience.

6 Reasons to Choose an event pro for your next transformational event 

1. Professional event planners know what questions to ask to make the planning process and the event itself run smoothly.

2. It's never an if something goes awry, it's when. It's really nice to not have to be the one to fix it. 

3. Planning an event can add several hours per week to your workload. You may not have the time to deal with that combined with your normal biz operations.

4. You get to focus on serving your guests well and connecting with your audience, instead of being pulled away from them to deal with details.

5. You'll have well deserved down time during your event if someone else is running point.

6. Removing the pressure of planning the event allows you the freedom to create from your zone of genius for your audience.

If you're picking up what I'm putting down, or if you have more questions about what this all looks like from a practical standpoint, I invite you reach out to me at heythere@jasminecianfloneevents.com. Looking forward to connecting with you!