What Travel Taught Me about Flexibility

This weekend I flew down to Jacksonville, FL for the inaugural Cultivate Workshop. The workshop was great, and I met a bunch of great wedding planners and pros that I'd love to work with in the future, and I walked away with a good idea of what I'd like to change - new perspectives.  That's the good news. The bad news: The actual travel part was miserable!Delays everywhere- on the way out, we needed to be de-iced (it snowed the night before), then the airport in Atlanta was closed due to severe weather- this leads to an impromptu tour of TN. Pretty state, by the way.  Heading out, I ended up on an earlier flight (woo hoo!) Except it was also delayed- long story short, I missed my connection and ended up staying the night in Atlanta.  For free though (Yay Delta?)

Funny thing though- I'm a control freak (obviously, or I wouldn't be a planner) so this chaos reminded me that, as the old saying goes, We Plan, God Laughs.  It seemed like the tighter I tried to hold on, the crazier it got. Then on the way to get to the hotel, I noticed I had dropped my cell phone case - with my ID in it. In a panic, I retraced my steps... nothing.  Went to information and the angel of a woman behind the desk had it! I was so relieved that I went to the airport chapel and said a quick prayer of thanks.  I finally relaxed and let go.  I got to the hotel, grabbed dinner at the IHOP next door, took a hot shower, and enjoyed my evening alone.  Surprisingly, although the next morning's flight was also delayed, I had a much easier time of it from then on.

It was such a reminder - you just HAVE to be flexible- if you aren't you'll end up flustered and crying in an airport bathroom (ok, so I wasn't in the bathroom, I was just sitting at the gate but whatever).  And trust me, something WILL go wrong -it's not an IF, it's a WHEN.  And when it does, you have to remember that the journey may be teaching you something about yourself- about relaxing, about compromise, about the journey itself, in comparison to the destination.  Going in a direction that you didn't intend is not the end of the world - in fact, it may just be a beautiful beginning.

As Always, Keep Celebrating-