Your Guide to Event Styling


Sometimes it feels like if you've been to one wedding, you've been to them all, right? Wedding weekend on repeat - Ever get the feeling that all the meals, music and decor are exactly the same as the wedding you went to last month? How in the world will you make your wedding stand out from the crowd?

Well I've got an answer for you - and that answer is event styling.  Event styling is the secret to the look and feel of your wedding- and can cover everything from your stationery, florals, and tablescapes, to your guests' experience with welcome bags, amenities baskets and favors.  I absolutely love getting the opportunity to take a client's ideas and turn them into a beautiful event.  

So how do you determine the direction for your event's style? 

  1. First you need to get inspired!  Look at things you love and want to incorporate into your celebration. You can use Pinterest and Instagram to get ideas about what you like the look of, but remember these should just inspire you - don't strive to copy what you see.
  2. Think about what you want to have styled - your escort card table, favor display? Your sweetheart or head table? The entire room? Literally the sky is the limit. You can style as little or as much of you event as you'd like.
  3. Consider having event enhancements to add to your styling - lounge furniture for a chic upscale vibe, food trucks for an awesome afterparty, a cigar bar or custom mixology station can all add to the style of your event.  

The awesome thing about your event's style is that it's all yours - with a bunch of intentionality and some creativity, you can create a custom, unique celebration that will wow your guests.