When Things Go Wrong - The Wedding's Running Late!

If I've learned anything in my years as a wedding planner, it is that it really isn't IF something goes wrong, it is WHEN.  I haven't done a single wedding where we didn't have an issue of some sort. Now I know what you're thinking- I must really suck as a planner then, right?  Yeah, not so much.  The thing is that when you get a large team of pros working together, along with 150-200 assorted guests, multiple venues and a tight timeline... something is just bound to happen. So we've put together this series to discuss some of the issues we've seen and how we've resolved them.

Many people have the misconception that a wedding planner's job is to make sure your wedding day is perfect. Not quite. Our real job is to make sure your experience of the day seems perfect. That means that we run interference when anything does go wrong.  If we weren't there to do so, either the couple or their parents would have to step away from the celebration to handle the situation. The vast majority of the time, we take care of any snafus that arise before the couple even knows something is amiss.

Here are some common wedding day issues we often run into and how we handled them:

What happened: The wedding is running late!

How we've handled it: I've had this one happen on a number of occasions. Once, a wedding ran so late that we weren't sure it was even going to happen! (It did).  Sometimes it's just the client's prerogative; sometimes a key player (like the officiant) doesn't show on time.  Sometimes, traffic causes issues.  No matter what the why is, our goal is always to keep the guests as calm and entertained as we can, while simultaneously keeping the other wedding pros apprised of the situation.  We check with the venue to see if guests can have water or soft drinks, ask the DJ or ceremony musicians to play some filler music, and update everyone as often as we can.

Next week, we'll cover another issue we've tackled- when something or someone goes missing!

Until then, Keep Celebrating!