TME's Wedding Word of the Week - Receiving Line

TME’s Wedding Word of the Week Receiving Line [rih-seev-ing lahyn]- a row formed by the hosts, guests of honor, or the like, for receiving guests formally at a wedding, ball,  or reception. The receiving line is a long-running Wedding tradition in which the couple and specific members of their families greet the wedding guests. It’s a simple way to transition the mood from ceremony to reception, and makes everyone feel comfortable and acknowledged. For many guests and for some cultures, the receiving line is a must-have wedding tradition. Keep in mind that as the “hosts” of your wedding day, it is proper etiquette and just good manners to personally thank and acknowledge your guests at some point during the day. At This Moment Events, we usually recommend that you allot between 30-40 minutes per 100 guests. The receiving line can take place either directly after the ceremony, or at the beginning of the cocktail hour.  Determining your placement of this activity will depend on the other logistics of the day. Be sure to consult your wedding planner for advice and guidance on when to perform this ritual.

Customarily, the line up goes as follows, but can be altered to fit whatever works best for your particular bridal party and family situations.

1. The wedding hosts (usually the bride’s parents, the mother first)

2. The groom’s mother and father

3. The bride and groom

4. The maid/matron of honor

5. The bridesmaids and best man – optional

So what do you think? Will you be having a receiving line? Or should this tradition be considered extinct?