The Five Essential To-Dos you Forgot to Put on Your Wedding Planning List

Ever feel like you might be forgetting something? With all of the details that go into planning a wedding, it is almost guaranteed that something will slip through the cracks, especially if you're doing it all yourself! Today I wanted to chat really quickly about five things that I've found essential to a successful wedding day, and that most couples tend to overlook.

In my planning process, about a month before the wedding day, I take my couples through my Wedding Weekend Workbook. It outlines every single one of the details that we need to ensure that the big day runs smoothly. Quite often, couples have completely overlooked these 5 items, so I figured I'd share them so you won't!

1. All the Meals before Dinner
Breakfast and lunch - who is buying them? Are they being provided by your hotel? Are you getting ready at home, and can you eat there? Is it being delivered or does someone have to go pick it up?
Eating is an absolute MUST no matter how nervous you may be- it will be hours before dinner time!  Work out all the details and it's one less thing to worry about. 
Hint: This is a great task to delegate to parents, and many planners will help you organize catering if you need it for your wedding party. 

2. Talk to your on-site vendors about their day-of outfits.
Do you know what your photo and video team will be dressed in? How does the venue staff usually dress? Good ones will have their stuff together and have no problem telling you what they'll be wearing. This is essential because you don't want your black tie affair ruined by a videographer in a track suit, or your casual atmosphere confused by people in tuxedos.

3. Who's taking your stuff back to your room or hotel at the end of the night?
Once the celebration is over, you'll have a ton of things that need to be moved from the celebration site to wherever you are staying for the evening. If you were thinking of waiting until all of your bridesmaids are drunk and ready to head home to hit them with the news of heavy lifting, please don't- we've seen the outcome of that. It isn't pretty. And I understand why- the list of stuff that needs moving can be hefty.
Ideally, your coordinator will handle the breakdown of any decor you brought in, and see that all of your leftover favors, cardbox and gifts get back to you safely. If not your coordinator, you can assign a family member or trusted friend with a big car to help you get everything transported.
Hint: This is really an ideal task for your coordinator- he or she is usually one of the last people to leave for the night and would probably be happy to handle this for you so you can enjoy saying farewell to your guests. 

4. What's happening with your floral arrangements after the wedding is over?
If you had large, beautiful arrangements, it would be a shame to see them get tossed in the trash right after the party is done. Thinking ahead on this can see them off to a new home where they can be enjoyed for a bit longer. A few options: you could consider donating them to a nursing home or hospital. Or, have guests take them home at the end of the night. Just be sure that there aren't any rentals attached that your florist would need back.

5. Who is taking care of the marriage license?
If you're being married by someone who has gotten ordained just for your big day, it is vitally important that you work out what needs to happen to the marriage license after the ceremony. Usually (in the state of New Jersey)  it goes to the registrar of the city you've been married in, but always double check with your local authorities on the proper procedures. It would be no fun to get back from your honeymoon and discover that you're not officially married! 

Bonus: Working out tips and gratuities for your vendor team before the big day.
This is a big one that really should be handled at the budgeting phase, but I digress... Figuring this out and setting money aside beforehand means you can simply hand off sealed envelopes without having to do calculations when your mind should be on the celebration.

All of these to do's can add up really quick and really stress you out. Download our Master To Do List tracker so you can stay on top of your plans and get back to your non-wedding planning life!