Wedding Lingo: Rehearsal Dinner


Wedding Lingo: Our quick guide to the many terms you'll encounter on your wedding planning journey. You'll learn traditional parlance, terms of the event planning trade, and definitions of everything from applique to prix fixe to yichud.


Rehearsal Dinner 

A rehearsal dinner is a celebratory dinner traditionally held the evening after the wedding rehearsal.  It can be as formal or as casual as you'd like it to be. Couples I work with tend to have it on the more casual side, but it can be as large as the wedding itself. Traditionally, this celebration is hosted (read: paid for) by the groom's family, but couples can host it themselves, or families can split the bill however they'd like.  A formal rehearsal dinner can be held at a hotel, a restaurant or a catering hall. Casual dinners can take place at the parents' or couple's home, or at a fun gathering spot like a bowling alley or a mini-golf course.

Invitees include the bride and groom (of course), parents of each, grandparents, the entire wedding party, and other close friends and family.  Usually the couple gives a quick toast or speech and any bridal party gifts are handed out.  It's a nice way to celebrate family and togetherness before the rush of the big day is upon you.