TME’s Wedding Word of the Week - Escort Cards

Escort Cards [es- kawrt kawrdz] – Escort cards are used to inform guests of which table they should be looking for in your reception area. Guest names and table numbers are displayed on the cards to help minimize confusion and wandering party-goers. Often confused with place cards, escort cards lead the way to the proper table, and then place cards inform each guest of their exact seat. After your guest has used their escort card to find their table, a place card may be waiting at a specific seat to indicate their space. Not everyone decides to assign seating in this manner, and for most weddings it can be overkill.  Super-formal weddings (think: black tie) often use both.  Many decide, regardless of event formality, that people can determine their own seats at their table.  The coolest thing about escort cards is that they can be made of almost anything from paper to rocks, to tiny bottles of champagne, and they can be displayed in the most beautiful and interesting ways. They can double as wedding favors and even act as a decor piece all by themselves! We've seen tea bags, wedding bells, fall leaves, tent cards displayed on shutters, and more!