TME's Wedding Word of the Week - Bustle

Bustle [buhs-ul l] – While a lengthy train on your gown looks stunning as you walk down the aisle, the flowly fabric can become a hassle once you are ready to greet your guests and party on the dance floor. A bustle allows you to fashion the train of a dress in an ornate way that lifts it off the floor and camouflages it seamlessly into the design off the gown. It is important that the bustle is not only functional but appropriate for the style and fabric of the gown itself.  The bustle is an opportunity for a bride to make another fashion statement, and can either enhance the look of the gown or completely change it. When considering a bustle, start by deciding your alterations budget.  Some bustles can be as inexpensive as $20.00, others may run $200 or more.  The more intricate a bustle is, the more it will cost.  Other cost factors include the length of the train, and the fabric being used.  A cathedral train will prove more difficult to bustle securely, as will delicate fabrics such as lace or silk organza that can tear easily. Make sure to ask your seamstress to show you all your bustle options, and once you decide on a style, designate a person in your bridal party to be your official “bustler”. This can also be the perfect opportunity for your Wedding Planner to step in. Bustles can be difficult and time consuming, so making sure your bustler has some practice beforehand. This will make the job easier, and quickly get you back to your celebration!