The Busy Couple's Guide to Getting Value Out of Vendor Meetings

Happy Thursday my wedding planning lovelies!

Today we're going to talk meetings. Along your wedding planning journey, you're probably going to have a lot of vendor meetings to attend as your celebration takes shape. How do you make sure you're getting the most value out of them, and not wasting your valuable time?
Meeting with your team of pros is definitely important, as it ensures that everyone is on the same page in executing your vision, but sometimes....

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I've got a few ideas about this, because heaven knows I cannot stand it when a meeting is called unnecessarily. We all have stuff to do people! And I know you do to - so here are four easy ways to get the maximum value out of your wedding vendor meetings.  

My first suggestion is to not meet unless it's absolutely necessary. I love a well planned, well scheduled team meeting, because it helps set the tone for everyone who's involved in creating your big day but too often, things don't go off that way. Many times, meetings are held to confirm information that has already been discussed and decided on, and that's honestly unless it's a final details meeting, that's just a waste of time. No one wants to get all dressed up and drive somewhere to go over a checklist that could have been done via email or over the phone.

It is also super important for both vendors and clients to be prepared for the meetings- bring relevant information and paperwork with you, so you'll have something to reference during the meeting. It's also super important to bring something to write with and on. If you have a planner, they'll likely be taking notes at any meeting they attend, but you should always take your own in case interpretations don't match up.

On that note, it's also a good idea to ask for an agenda. I know meeting agendas are so "last century" but it's the way to keep a quick 15 minute chat from turning into hour long time sucks. Seriously though, just a quick outline of topics to be covered really goes a long way in keeping everyone focused and on track. 

Once the meeting is over. follow up via email with any decisions made or action steps that need to be taken. The A-team vendors that you've hired will appreciate your thoroughness and may even be planning on doing something similar. Once again, this is all in the name of keeping everyone on the same page! 

Now all of the above being said, there are a few times when meeting is absolutely necessary, and they are as follows:
- When it's the first time you're meeting them. YES please do go see these people face to face. It is important to get a feel for a person's energy and how they present themselves before committing a large amount of cash to their services.
- When you need to actually see, hear, feel or taste something they are offering. Definitely make time to attend your floral or design reveal meeting, your catering tasting and any band previews you are offered. This is the best way to get a real feel for what you'll be receiving from your team, so please do sample!

I hope this advice finds you well on your way to saving tons of time!

Plan smarter, not harder!
'Til next time!