To Smash or Not to Smash- that is the question!

Today we’re going to analyze a well-known wedding tradition: The Cake Smash. Ahhh, the wedding cake… delicious! They come in many colors, styles, and sizes. And they are one of our favorite parts of the day!  These delightful desserts have morphed from tiny sesame cookies in ancient Greece and crumbled wheat biscuits in Medieval Europe, into towering artistic expressions of a couple’s style in pastry form!

While planning many a wedding, we’ve seen the soon-to-be weds dance around this delicate subject.  Should we smash it or not?  Occasionally one half of the couple is all for it (usually it’s the groom- sorry guys!), and the other is like NO WAY!  Sometimes both are against. Only rarely have I come across couples where both are into it. Of course that makes sense- who gets dressed up in expensive clothes to end the night with buttercream up their nose, crumbs in their hair and fondant down their shirt?!  (Someone I’d love to party with, that’s who! But I digress…)

Like many wedding traditions, the cake was a fertility symbol.  Historically, showering a bride and groom with grain would guarantee them a happy and baby-filled future. But of course, that usually precluded a full-face tackle with hands coated with frosting.  Here’s TME’s take.

Honestly, there are ways to do the cake smash tastefully and without taking it too far.  How about a little dab of frosting on the nose?  Or take a tiny piece of cake and dab it on both of your partner’s lips before letting them eat it? Of course all options should avoid anything violent (ignore the crazies chanting “Smash It!” from the edge of the dance floor), and should be discussed BEFORE the cake cutting (I’m talking to you, guys… that dress was EXPENSIVE and do you really want her running off sobbing about the chocolate mousse on her Badgley Mishkas?? And then reminding you of that every year??) Be sweet about it, show your affection, be playful!  But of course, be mindful of the modern view of the tradition- feeding each other symbolizes the love and nurturing care you’ll show each other for all the years to come.

And that’s really what the day is all about anyway, isn’t it?

Keep celebrating!