Styled Wedding Shoots: This Planner's Take

If you've spent more than 5 minutes on the internet planning your wedding, or even glanced at a wedding blog, you've seen one. They come in many styles - grand ballroom settings with ultra-elegant details, quirky boho cafe styled shoots, shabby chic and of course the current trend, rustic chic. They're the styled shoots! Some feel that they give brides unrealistic expectations of how their weddings should look, and unrealistic ideas of what is do-able on a "real" wedding budget. On the other hand, some feel that they get too trendy and make brides feel "locked in" to a particular style or type of wedding look.  Still others say that they're just for inspiration- and provide a great way for vendors to collaborate and stretch themselves!

Here's my take. Styled wedding shoots are just that. Styled.  Of course they aren't realistic- it's STYLED! It's supposed to look perfect. In my opinion, brides should take inspiration from them- and not seek to replicate exactly what they see.  If your budget can bear what you see- go for it.  If not, compromise.  Just understand that your wedding may or may not look like that shoot- and when it's over you won't care anyway. I think they can get a little too trendy when pros pick up on a trend and do it to death (I'm personally a little over distressed furniture in fields....) but still- it's practice for a lot of us!

Bottom line, I think they're here and not going anywhere fast.  I've got some of my own slated for this year, because it's just FUN.

TME's Tips for Brides: Three Must Do's when looking at Styled Wedding Shoots

1) Make note of what you love and what you hate.  It will help guide your ideal wedding look.  But do NOT obsess.

2) Understand that your wedding is not a styled shoot- there will be no posed models- but there will be a ton of people gushing love all over the place (which in my opinion makes for better pictures!)

3)  Calm down- do not feel like you NEED to have your wedding look like what you saw on Style Me Pretty or Glamour and Grace or Every Last Detail.  Your wedding is first and foremost about you marrying the love of your life....not about how bloggable it may be.  And if bloggability is even on your radar...  you may want to rethink your priorities!

As always, Keep Celebrating!