Save the Date ornaments- Cute and easy DIY

Here's a super cute and quick DIY Save the Date idea using a few inexpensive supplies - you will love this if your wedding is around the holidays or you're revealing the date in December.   What you need: Clear plastic craft ornaments Sheer ribbon in your choice of colors Letter stickers in color of choice about 6 inches of satin ribbon for bow topper per ornament scissors

1) Decide what you want your message to say- write it down so you don't skip any letters while sticking the stickers. 2) Check your positioning by cutting each letter out individually  *or* Peel and stick as you will- be careful not to stick each letter all the way down until you're SURE it's where you want it to be.

3) Once you're done, pull out the top metal hanger thingy and feed the sheer ribbon into the ball. Stuff until you like the way it looks, then cut, and re-attach the hanger. 4) Measure out your 6" of satin ribbon, and tie it on to the loop of the hanger in a simple bow.

That's it! You're done! Now all you have to do is deliver it!  You can hand deliver to friends and family in the area, or mail them in adorable square boxes with tissue or shredded paper in a similar color.  I got all of my supplies for this project from Michael's in North Brunswick, NJ.

Happy Crafting & Keep Celebrating!