Practical Planning: Know your Numbers FASTER!

Planning a wedding is a lot like putting together a giant puzzle. So many little pieces need to fit together seamlessly to create a cohesive whole.  Now if the event is the main focus of the puzzle (or the picture in the middle), then your numbers are the all-important edge pieces- they hold the whole thing together. They give you boundaries. I've said it before and I'll say it again- you can't start the real planning, the fun part, until you've got a handle on your budget and guest list.  They determine every.single.step that comes after. So to help you get a firm grip- I've put together a simple tool.

I call it the TME Quick and Dirty Wedding Budget and Guest List Template

All you have to do is enter your info into this neat little spreadsheet and it calculates for you.  Determine your rough guest list (no need to be precise, we can always cut later) and insert your absolute TOP budget numbers.  The sheet gives you a neat little print out of your max cost per head for food and beverage (usually the most expensive item on your list).

Is it elegant? Not really.  Is it fun? Nope.. but it's EFFECTIVE!  You get a snapshot of what you can spend- you get really real with yourself, and that's the FIRST step to a successful wedding planning experience!

Want to get this neat little tool for yourself??  You can have it for free! Click here to get it now!  Get your numbers straight, once and for all!

Keep Celebrating!