Place Cards vs. Escort Cards- a late night musing

I'm often up late working on creative ideas for upcoming weddings or designing stuff just because I love it! This evening is no different. We're finalizing the fun paper stuff for next weekend's wedding- it's assembly time! I'm sitting here with my glue stick, thinking about whether we should make place cards in addition to the escort cards we've already formatted.Place cards *and* escort cards?? Why would one need both?? Well, simply, because they aren't the same thing! Although the terms are often used interchangeably these days, they serve two distinct purposes. An escort card literally escorts your guests to their tables. They include the guest's name and their table assignment. Once the guest is at the table, it becomes their choice where they'd like to seat themselves. Usually escort cards are created one per couple. A place card actually designates a specified seat at the table, and can be used in conjunction with escort cards. We've also seen them used with darling seating charts.

The creative ideas abound for escort card displays and intriguing place cards. The fun thing about place cards is that since there is one per person, you can incorporate a fun food or drink (a tag on a straw for example) or even have them act as favors. Escort cards can be made of numerous materials or items (stone, leaves, candles, keys, etc) and arranged in all sorts of fun ways- strung from ribbons, hung from branches or screens, or even tied to balloons.  Check back soon for some fun DIY ideas! Always fun, and a great way to add to the celebration!

Keep celebrating!