Pinterest is lying to you.

There is a huge lie circulating the interwebs - it is rampant among the newly engaged.  It can suck all the joy out of your planning process. So you get the ring- and start looking all over the web for ideas and pretties- wedding porn, as we call it.  And then you find Pinterest.  Oh the eye candy that is to be had here!!  Flowers and jewelry and food; gift ideas for the bridesmaids, outfits to take on your honeymoon-  there's almost more than you can bear!  You look up and 10 hours have gone by.

Pinterest is fun. I love it for inspiration, and I use it all the time personally (for recipes, home decor ideas and the like) and professionally (to keep styling ideas for clients organized).

It's totally fun to say "Oh look what I'm gonna do for my *imaginary* wedding/party/christmas/life."

But the lure of the images can be dangerous.  They have perfect lighting, they are staged to the max, and they are the IDEAL. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging the beauty in the images- but it behooves us to realize that most of it is not real.

Anyone remember that episode of The Simpsons where Springfield schools were closed, and Lisa was wandering around the house begging her mom to grade her?  Yeah. You can end up just like that. Being obsessed with external approval is not healthy- especially at a time as fragile as your engagement. Being engaged = pressure. Pressure from yourself, pressure from society, friends, family, well meaning (and sometimes not so well meaning) wedding vendors.  And most of that pressure is all about having the "Perfect" Wedding day.

People... let me tell you something.  Well, two things actually.

First - PERFECT WEDDINGS DO NOT EXIST! There is NO SUCH THING as a perfect wedding.

Please, please, don't set yourself up for disappointment!  Something will go wrong. Prepare yourself for that fact.  Something will run late, or guests show up too early, or something will be forgotten or looked over, something will end up broken or missing, a vendor may screw up, a cake may collapse, or melt or not show up at all.  You may have to dance to the wrong music.  The salad may go uneaten.  Someone will complain about something. And you know what? That's ok.

Second -at the end, if you end up married, and have a good time with the people who love you (and got dressed up to share this moment in your life and theirs WITH you), that is ALL that matters.

Try to keep everything in perspective - and remember the LOVE is the important part.

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