It's Handled. Why Olivia Pope would be a kick ass wedding planner.

Gladiators!  Let's get our white hats ready!  Ok so I got in on the Scandal thing a little late- I caught up on all of the juicy goodness just before season three started. But needless to say, I am ADDICTED. I don't usually do this kind of TV - I try to focus on my beloved sci-fi and crime dramas, with a healthy dose of the Food Network, HGTV, and the occasional wedding show thrown in there for good measure.  But the divine Kerry Washington's portrayal of Ms. Olivia Pope has me hooked.  It's my guilty pleasure!  Funny thing is that all the steamy scandalousness is amazing, but the thing that really gets me is Olivia's ability to think on her feet and her keen attention to detail.  She is SO good at reading people and the way she runs that business - I'm in LOVE!  All of that got me thinking about how her skills would apply to the wedding and event industry (because my mind always goes back to wedding planning) and so I created this list! Four reasons Olivia Pope would make a kick ass wedding planner. 1) She has connections!  

If Pope and Associates was an event planning firm, you know she'd have the crazy hookup. She and her team have people in high places. Move all of those connections into the event planning world and that means getting in good with some pretty incredible pros.

2) Talk about negotiating power!  

Olivia knows how to stand firm in what she wants (as long as it's not regarding her personal life) and she will go out on a limb and not back down to get it. I think that as a planner that would translate to amazing custom deals for her clients. Hopefully without all the blackmail!

 3) She can handle ANYTHING. 

WIth Liv and her team, plan B is always a few seconds away.  And the stress of juggling last minute changes would be nothing for her considering some of the capers she has pulled off. (how many bodies have they hidden now?)

4) She will tell you like it is and she's usually right.

Liv doesn't pull any punches.  If she knows something isn't working or that you're hiding something, she will call you on it.  She usually does it with love, although her tone can be harsh. (She told Josie she wasn't cut out for the insanity of a presidential run, and she was right!)

One would hope of course that all the insane negativity and intrigue that surrounds her current job as a DC fixer would vanish once she entered the world of weddings- but you never know. It might be just as juicy!

What do you think? Who from Pope and Associates would you love to see take on the wedding planner role? Leave us a comment below!