Money Talks: Three Steps to Take the Stress out of Your Wedding Budget

Money causes tension.  Relationships can be defined or destroyed by it- it seems as if people either love it or hate it.  And talking about it can be stressful, and scary, and annoying. Only thing though, when it comes to wedding planning, the discussion is more than necessary.  Not only is it great practice for the many money discussions you'll have throughout marriage, knowing what you’re working with is essential. Without a good sense of the numbers, it can be hard to know where to start planning, or if you even CAN start.  On top of that, if you don’t know where you’re headed, you could end up in way deeper than you thought.  Money issues that start with the wedding can cause deep long lasting scars on all the relationships involved, and when it comes to weddings, that could potentially be every major relationship in your life.
So here are three simple steps to take to get your wedding budget plan on track.
- Save Early, and Save Often Consider redoing your household budget(s) to allocate a percentage of your paycheck towards the wedding.  You could set up an automated transfer into a designated savings account to make the savings "automatic."  Find ways to cut back expenses and put that cash into savings- eat in more often, watch Netflix movies instead of heading out to the theater, make the coffee at home instead of hitting up Starbucks or Dunkin'.  The ways to save are endless
- Consider Cutting Back
If it turns out that money isn't flowing as quickly as you'd like, consider cutting back.  This is my number one piece of advice.  Rethink your guest list, or your venue. Or if you simply MUST invite all 350 of your closest friends, have a scaled back reception- maybe a brunch, or champagne and cake reception instead of a formal sit down dinner.  As painful as it may seem, something has got to give, and compromise is KING!
- Communication is Key If your parents or his have been so gracious as to offer to pay for a portion of the festivities, find out how much and what the money is expected to be spent on.  Nothing is worse than thinking you had an extra couple thousand to spend on the honeymoon and finding out your future MIL wants it all to go to ceremony flowers.  Get clear up front! And with that said- if you find you don't want any help, make that clear as well, and resign yourself to spending only what you have.
With these few tools, your budget will be on it's way from busted to blissful.
These simple tips will help remove the stress from your wedding budgeting process.  Hope this helps!
- Keep Celebrating!