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This year, in July, TME, reborn as JCA would have turned 10 years old. Double digits. A huge milestone.

After my recent rebrand, I thought I was ready to hit the ground running. I thought it was the shift I needed to move on to the "next level" or whatever that looks like. I thought... a lot of things.

But as it turns out, yeah, no. 
I've had a great run in the events industry. We've helped with some amazing events, planned some beautiful weddings, worked with so many incredible people. And I've done what I can do here from that space. 

As I've shared, the past few years have caused some major shifts in how I wish to spend my time and the legacy that I want to leave behind once my spin on this earth is done. It is time to say goodbye.

After my mom passed in 2014, I poured myself into the events world, worked super hard and loved every minute of it. She was so proud of my accomplishments - I had been interviewed by The Knot magazine and gotten my sister's beautiful wedding featured. The month before her death, I was invited to meet my event industry idol, Preston Bailey.

I thought I was doing her proud by continuing on, and it did fit into my life then.

Then my older sister got sicker, and before she passed in 2017, I couldn't pour myself all in. I didn't want to. Something was missing. Something key, and integral. I thought it was systems, I thought it was marketing, I thought it was confidence. After she died, I thought it was self care... so I dove in to that. But it turns out it was deeper. Much deeper.

In the months after Jessica died, I found myself being pulled further away from the events industry, did a lot of journaling and question asking, and praying. And then... it happened. 

I asked the question: Why do I feel so lost?  

God answered: Do you think I led you to all those tools for no reason? (I seriously had a full on conversation and it was so powerful, I was moved to tears. For that entire story, click here).

And the words starting pouring out of me. Here's the very beginning of that story. 

When I was 12 years old, I took my allowance down to the new age shop in Woodbridge Mall and bought my very first meditation manual and a set of crystals. I chose clear quartz (tumbled, not a point), amethyst, rose quartz, hematite and tiger's eye.

I brought home my 5 crystals and placed them in a circle around myself and proceeded to meditate. 

My mom came into my room and asked me what I was doing, I told her communing with God. She thought I was bonkers, but she allowed it.

Fast forward to 3 years later, I had purchased my first book on magic, created my first home altar, my first book on chakras and my first book on spirituality.

I was ready to explore everything spiritual that was available to me. And I did.

I have ALWAYS been fascinated with the spiritual realm and how people name, relate to and worship God. I've always been interested in creating a world where everyone is free and able to practice whatever spiritual practices related to them best. I've tried to incorporate that into my other businesses but I was always dancing around the issue. I never came out and said what I was trying to say. I was hiding.

After my prayer journal experience I realized this is what I'm meant to be doing now. This is why planning has felt so hollow (although I love ALL of my couples), why I've struggled to market, why I haven't felt at home sharing what I do, why I haven't striven for more. It's because in the spiritual sector, I would find my home.

I wrote this post during my 6th day of a week long retreat for Global Visionaries in stunningly beautiful Costa Rica- and since I've been here, I have let go of old patterns, old feelings, old obligations, and I have embraced the Universe's message for me. I am here to create a safe and supportive space for people to explore the world's spiritual practices, try them, experiment with them, and mix and match them to create something that speaks to their soul. Something that adapts and doesn't have any rules. Something that can grow and shift and co-create with the being that you are.

I believe that we are spirit having a human experience, and we are here to connect to all that is, and consequently, each other.

And I seek to help people do just that. I'm putting together workshops, a private Facebook group, a book club and a membership program, all designed to help people move towards a holistic spirituality that allows them to be all of them, without rules, without judgement and without fear.

We are the conduit for God's energy to be made manifest on this plane. And we spend so much of our time here cramming that energy into manmade constructs and ignoring what our souls are crying out for- connection to that source. That connection is the key to happier lives and I am here to facilitate that for others.

And so it is with much gratitude that I say goodbye to the events industry- it has been such a journey, and although I can still plan the hell out of a wedding, it is time for me to let others take the lead. It's been an amazing ride, from my first clients, to my very last wedding which isn't until September of this year, I will cherish these memories for the rest of my life.

If you're interested in following along with what's developing here with the Spirit Freedom Collective, join me here. I don't have an official list as of yet, but I will soon! See you there- 



















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