So much new... so little time!! What's New!

It's a crazy exciting time over here right now- engagement season is in full swing, our 2013 event season is getting ramped up, and of course I've decided that we need to ADD to the craziness by improving the business before I head out on maternity leave (must be all that creative energy, you know, since I'm "creating" a person over here!). So my journey to authenticity has led me to a few new things- first, BRAND NEW SERVICES! I was saying everything was bespoke and now it really is!!! Seriously- build your package from the ground up- literally. A la carte EVERYTHING if you want it. On top of that, we're re-branding.  Our whole look is changing- but not the amazing service you've come to expect!  I really cannot wait to reveal everything once it's done-


Here's to the start of a new era and creating your best life!

Keep celebrating!