One Year Ago Today... MTH Anniversary

One year ago today, I was sitting in a room in NYC with a group of some of the most amazing people I have ever met- strangers who quickly became friends. I made decisions and goals and promises in that room. I made friends and colleagues and connections. It happened at the Making Things Happen Intensive. It was beyond awesome- it opened me up, to what I think was a year of incredible growth for me, personally and professionally. When I returned, I realized a lot of what was holding me back from being my best self- my real authentic self. It was more than fear- it was deep baggage, stuff I needed to work through. It was our financial situation, our home life, feeling trapped... it was that I had convinced myself that I had nothing going for me. I mean honestly, I walked into that workshop late (still kicking myself for that) and I told my "story" and it was about how I couldn't get chores done and how I felt unprepared for my son going to daycare. That seems so SMALL now compared to all the HUGE stuff I've laid out in front of me. But the truth is I was playing small. I was going through the motions terrified that TME wouldn't ever go anywhere, because why would it? It's just me, right? Then I realized in listening to everyone else's stories, that we're all "just me's" on the inside, and that's what gives us the glow and the drive- we're touched, by spirit, by the Universe. We're alive and can thrive if we want it.

In this past year I've done the following:

- Refined just who I am and who I intend to serve (that's YOU, handmade DIY multicultural brides!) - Paid off a BUNCH of debt (not done but on the way!) - Styled my first shoot and had it featured. - Worked with some amazing couples to make their days amazing. - Gave back to my community by planning a charity fundraiser.

I left MTH on FIRE for my goals.  I left with a clear plan and a way to keep myself accountable.  I left with a new dose of positive energy, one that I've worked on growing and spreading.  Now and again life gets in the way and I need to stay on the Challenge, stay focused and keep my flames fanned, but I owe it to LaraNatalie and Gina for handing me the match and encouraging me to strike it.  And I owe it to my fellow NYC alum for being there to hold me up and letting me hold them up, and just being their awesome selves.  Do I still have a lot to do? Absolutely. Is it easy? Not even close ... but nothing worth it is ever easy!  It's been an incredible year and I cannot wait to see what's changed in my life by January 26, 2013. Let's get this people!

Keep celebrating and Happy Planning!