Let your Flag Fly!!

With the advent of this year, I've been doing a lot of thinking and praying on what I want This Moment Events to really be about, you know, besides incredibly authentic and fabulous weddings and events. And after much deliberation, I think I've got it!  This Moment Events is about letting your freak flag (or your geek flag, or your chic flag) fly- whatever that may be.  I want to put it out there - to encourage you to come as you REALLY are, and have the guts to plan the kind of event that speaks directly to you and your story.  If it's not all romantic and roses and silk and lace, so be it- if you want skulls and crossbones, a steampunk theme, a ceremony in the round... let's do this.  No, your wedding does NOT need to cost you tons of money you don't have, and that also doesn't mean that you're stuck with the bottom of the barrel.  If you are not into the big fat New Jersey wedding, that's cool. If you're the kind of bride who really doesn't get the public cake cutting deal, or you don't even want cake - that's FINE! Think outside the box. Hell, put the box in a closet somewhere and forget about it.  The important thing is that you get it and you LOVE it.  Do you and find the pros who push you to shine through!  My favorite kind of wedding is the kind where you're not even sure if it's a wedding or just an amazing gathering of people who love each other, eating, dancing and living to the fullest.   Kick out the old traditions if you want - bring in your own and make it awesome. I want my couples to be happy.  I want to be your advocate when you feel like you're being pushed into a cookie cutter deal.  I'm not here to get all "planner" on you and force you into something you don't want.  I'm here to say Yes we can work that out if you're feeling like other vendors won't really get you.  Be you and be proud, and shine out LOUD!

What do you think of non-traditional weddings?  How do you think couples should express themselves on their big day?