Journal Your Wedding Planning Experience - A Guest Post from The Writing Whisperer


Happy Tuesday!  Today we have an incredible tidbit for you- meaty morsel of authentic planning advice from a colleague turned good friend of mine, M. Shannon Hernandez.  You may recognize the name- she and I co-founded the "I Do" DIY Expo that premiered last year and is currently undergoing a total makeover.  But enough about that!  On to the good stuff!  Shannon has found her true calling in becoming a writing coach and launching The Writing Whisperer.  Read on to discover how journaling your wedding planning experience can help keep you calm, cool and fabulous as your big day approaches!

Journal Your Wedding Planning Experience

If you are in the process of planning your wedding, or have ever gone through the process of planning a wedding, you probably realize two things:

  1. You need to hire a wedding planner (or should have!).
  2. There is a lot of STUFF to keep organized.

Have you ever considered keeping a wedding planning journal?  It is a great way to keep your wits about you!

The Why

When planning huge projects, like a wedding, with many parts, pieces, on-going plans, and items needing follow-up, your brain will eventually fail you if you are trying to use it as your only storage device! Things will get overlooked, important deadlines forgotten, and notes from phone calls and inquiries will become a fuzzy blur.

Use a journal to keep track of your wedding day vision, to lay out the order of events, and to solidify the overall tone you wish to convey on your celebratory day!

The How

Solidifying Your Vision

I am sure you are familiar with Pinterest. Not only is it a buffet of beautiful ideas and a rich source of inspiration, but it also serves as a way to organize initial ideas for your wedding day! However, once you have solidified the fine details, it is time to move from strictly visual material to a journal which combines your visual inspiration and the many necessary words and notes you will need to track during the planning process.

Consider this one example: the bridesmaid dresses.

You have said β€œYES!” to the dress. Simply print a picture and paste in your paper journal - on the left-hand side. The right-hand side will be used to gather all the notes and track correspondence from people concerning this item. For example, you might enter the date it was ordered, the date your girls are to pick up and make payment, the shipping information, the final fitting date, etc. You should also record the contact information for the store including who you talked with, when, and what was said.

Can you imagine if your entire wedding planning journey was laid out like this for every single item that needed to get done? Talk about peace of mind and having all the information at your fingertips!

Order of Events

We will refer to this section as - THE FLOW. How do you want your wedding day toflow? Have you thought about the timing of each individual piece of the day, from the moment you wake up until the moment you lay down? If not, you have many, many events to schedule and think about - from the hair and make-up, putting on your dress, the last dance, the close of the evening, and getting out of your dress!

Placing all of these items on paper, with the timeline laid out in front of you, will certainly help you to see the entire day from start to finish. Think about the time you have allotted for each part of the day and tweak the schedule as you find aspects that need to be adjusted.

Tone - The End Result

At the end of your wedding celebration, the number one thing you want is fond memories. This comes from a relaxed environment for you and your guests, a stress free event, and no surprises. You CAN achieve all of these things by keeping a wedding journal which maps out your journey from start to finish. Be a beautiful, calm, organized, and stress-free bride!

M. Shannon Hernandez has been passionate about writing and teaching others to write from a very early age.  As owner of The Writing Whisperer, her specialty lies in coaching and motivating clients to hone their writing skills, particularly in non-fiction and business writing. She coaches others to live by the following words:  β€œFind Your Voice. Fuel Your Spirit. Write Your Journey.” Learn more about her here.