TME Tips: Three Steps to Finding Wedding Day Inspiration

Wedding day inspiration is everywhere.  Of course, you can turn to you favorite wedding glossy or fab wedding style blog.  But what if you're thinking outside the box?  You too can think like an event designer!  Here are few quick ideas for finding your big day inspiration.- Check out interior design magazines.  One of my absolute faves is Veranda. This magazine is dripping with gorgeous design- perfectly appointed rooms full of color and texture. There's bound to be something to catch the bridal eye!

- Go shopping!  When I'm thinking up new designs for my clients, I love to head out to the mall, or downtown Princeton.  I'll usually see something fabulous - like a beautifully painted ceramic vase, or a throw with gorgeous patterns or textures... or my personal favorite, a sheet of gorgeously colored paper... and the ideas just start flowing.

- Go out to eat. I've found that my favorite restaurants often have great atmosphere and ambiance that just brings out the ideas in me!  There can also be a ton of inspiration in your favorite foods- you can create a theme based around them. If you love cheesecake with fresh berries, you could focus on rich lush colors.  Or if you're loving foods with a little heat, maybe brighten up your wedding with a spicy red hue.

There is inspiration EVERYWHERE- and you never know where you'll find it. So here's what I suggest- *always have your camera with you (bonus if it's on your phone) *bring a notebook so you can jot down ideas as they come to you *be OPEN! This experience can take you so many places- why not see where they lead!

Keep Celebrating!