SERIES: 5 Causes of Wedding Planning Stress- Part 2

Time for another edition in our series all about the wedding stressors that are hiding in plain sight.  

Today's is a doozy - because it's virtually impossible to avoid. Planning a wedding is a group task, and because weddings are fun, everyone wants to help out.  

And that brings me to it:

Second Major stress point: You're giving in to well-meaning family and friends with crazy expectations.

Weddings are the ultimate in social occasions- everyone has an idea of what’s proper, who will be in the wedding, or what items are must-haves. Being newly engaged is almost like going to battle. Nothing is more stressful than having to defend your own ideas against those of your best friends, “helpful” co-workers and even your mom and future mother-in-law! Of course they mean well, and feel that they are only looking out for your best interests, but you have to remember, it is YOUR day.

Once you are armed with your priorities, discussing and explaining your ideas becomes easier. You’re not getting married to keep up with the Joneses here- you’re getting married because you’re in love and have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. That being said, the day and the celebration should reflect what you want and what you can afford, above all, not what you sister in law’s cousin’s best friend had at her wedding.

If someone suggests something and you’re not interested, do not be afraid to say no thank you. If you see something somewhere that you love but it's not trendy, or mainstream or even "wedding related" - DO IT ANYWAY. If a family member or friend expects to be in the wedding, calmly correct them- the bridal party can be a touchier subject, but limiting the size is a surefire way to reduce stress- this is one situation where less is definitely more. Never let anyone pressure you into adding them. That is one situation that can only end badly. You need be 100% sure of who you want to have standing up with and for you on your big day.  

Whew - 2 down and three more to go! Join us again next week when we'll be chatting about planning the "perfect" wedding.

What crazy causes of wedding stress have you seen?