Fall 2017 Wedding Trends

It's early September and Fall is right around the corner. Fall is one of the busiest wedding seasons in the Northeast, probably owing to the sudden break in humidity and the gorgeous color that springs up as the foliage changes.

This year is no exception, and we've got some great trends coming up that you may just love!

**JCA Approved Warning**
In case you were worried that this was going to be one of those fluffy bridal mag style articles... no chance, dude. I'm including logistical and styling notes with each entry so you know
Remember: Take all advice about trends with a grain of salt. Your wedding is yours and if you aren't feeling something and want to steer clear, please do! Trends are never musts.

Now that being said, there are some FUN things happening in the world of weddings this time of year so let's see what's hot!

1. Flowers that Wow
Floral designers are moving away from the tightly packed arrangements and into more organic, cascading looks, some that include really exotic flowers like protea. Floral garlands on tables are still a thing, and so are suspended arrangements and clusters of single stems in tiny vases
- Logistical and styling notes: cascading florals can take up more table space depending on the container, and have the potential to look messy if not executed properly. Hire a real pro who is GOOD at this type of look if this is what you want. Also if you're doing clusters of individual vases, remember that this is more stuff you'll need to figure out the final destination for after your wedding.

2. Let them eat cake!
Wedding cakes are back in full force- after years and years of cupcake displays, it seems that couples are craving that bit of tradition again. (I never say no to cake, seriously). Tall, multi-tiered and multi-flavored cakes are back in full force.
- Logistical and styling notes: while having a fancy cake doesn't make the "all eyes on us" cake cutting a necessity, it does make it more of an expectation. Also if you have a gorgeous cake, don't skimp on the table decor! The right combo of florals, candles and other pieces can make that detail one to remember.

3. The Sky's the Limit
Drones. Taking wedding photos. Yep. Granted it is pretty cool and it looks like as tech continues to advance we'll have no shortage of awesome new gadgets to create memories with!
- Logistical notes: Make sure this is allowed at your wedding venue, and that you and your photographer have any necessary permits.  

Any new trends you've spotted lately? Remember, trends are just that- and skipping them doesn't make your wedding any less awesome than the next one. Stay true to yourself and all will be well.

Until next time!

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