SERIES: 5 Causes of Wedding Planning Stress - Part 3

Time for part 3 of our series!  We've already covered Not knowing what you want, dealing with everyone else's expectations. Today we're chatting about the idea of perfection. It's touted by well meaning people, within and outside of the wedding industry, but I'm sad to say, it doesn't really exist.

Third Major Stress Point: Expecting your Wedding to be Perfect.

Although wedding blogs, magazines and TV shows would have you think otherwise, wedding perfection does not exist. Let me say that again for the people in the back - there is no such thing as a perfect wedding. There are no real “must haves” outside of the two of you, the license and an officiant (and a witness in the state of NJ). Remember the rest is gravy! Fun gravy, for sure, but just gravy. Your wedding will likely feel perfect, or look perfect, and from an outside perspective, it may just be, well, perfect! But there’s no way to know that until you get there on that day. Worrying about it for months and months through your whole engagement will just give you grey hair.

The planning process is a different animal. Your planning process will have bumps - wedding pros you love may be booked. You may have attendants that drop out, your gown may need four fittings instead of two, and your custom favors may be $2 more than you expected... but none of these things, not a single one, will ruin your wedding day. If the pressure is getting to you, take a yoga class, meditate or schedule a lunch or a massage with your girls. Maybe have a day with the fiancé far away from planning to decompress and de-stress.

Even on the day itself, there will probably (definitely) be snafus, problems and issues... but with a great team on your side, you may not notice a thing. And besides you’ll be so happy (you will have just gotten MARRIED!!) that you probably won’t care anymore!

Try not to get caught up in the idea of wedding perfection - handling the little issues with grace and understanding is great practice for all of the other issues that married life will undoubtedly throw at you! Approach it all with joy. The biggest tip for a “perfect wedding”: Smile, stay positive, and be gracious through the whole process. Be a happy bride or groom and your day will feel perfect.