DIY Bride's Must Have Tool Kit

When I married 5 years ago, I was a DIY bride- our New Brunswick, NJ wedding had a ton of handmade touches.  I haven't outgrown those tendencies, and I'm a closet craft-geek when I can sneak into Michael's without my hubby seeing me! So here's my take on the Must Haves for every DIY Bride's toolkit.

Double sided tape, or glue dots.  In the world of do it yourself, you will invariably want to stick something to something else. Often this is the best way to do it.  It's quick, no dry time, and mistakes are often easily corrected.  Get the correct type (scrapbooking for paper projects, repositionable for things you may need to adjust) for the project you're doing- permanent is probably NOT the way to go, unless you're doing something wonky like sticking paper to glass.

A blank notebook - to do quick sketches or write down where you saw something fab.  If you have an iPad and Pinterest, even better.

Glue Gun (and associated sticks)- again to stick things (non paper!) to other things.  I've found that this works best for fabric, silk florals, and gluing gems to various items.  Decide if you need high temp or low temp.  Put something under the tip so you don't drip glue on your dining room table and be careful- they don't call those suckers hot for nothing.

Good *sharp* scissors - Sucky scissors are a great way to ruin that gorgeous $12 per sheet cardstock or that double faced satin ribbon.  If you can't afford a paper cutter, brand new scissors are the way to go.

A paper cutter for paper crafts - now if you need super straight lines, then an inexpensive paper cutter is a must.  I for one can't cut straight to save my life, so this has been a godsend.

A Craft knife and cutting board.  These two items are a must if you're doing any precision cutting.  Places scissors won't go!

So pull out your toolbelt and stock up! Wondering where to get this stuff in New Jersey and the tri-state area? Michael's, AC Moore, and Walmart all have a great selection in varying price ranges.

What else do you think are DIY must haves?? Let me know in the comments below!