Business as Usual: Cultivate Workshop

Welcome to Business as  Usual- a behind the scenes look at my business - or, the method behind the magic. Ok, so I know this is like MONTHS later, but I didn't think it would be fair to not include my incredible experience at Cultivate Workshop this past January. Travel snafus aside, I learned SO MUCH at this workshop. I'm really still implementing a lot of the things I learned here.

Cultivate Workshop was developed and presented by Cassie Lineberry Cherneski, and it featured some of my favorite people as speakers: Lauren Harper Grove of Every Last Detail and Amber McDonald Housely of Amber Housely.  We had a packed one day session, full of education on branding, social media, and the legalities of building your business on a firm foundation.  I have no fewer than 10 pages of notes (still folded over in my notebook) and about 6-8 more from the flight home!  This workshop made me think bigger, it helped me process that doing things my own unique way was a benefit, not a big scary "they're all gonna laugh at you" a la Carrie moment (don't laugh- I know I'm not the only one who goes there in my head).  We had a super posh environment and a tasty (and well decorated) lunch - if you've never been to an Aloft hotel, please do visit- setting is gorgeous, modern and well equipped.

I met some incredible people (who I really need to reconnect with), and got to experience travelling alone for my business, which I enjoyed immensely (even though we were stranded in TN on the way down and I got stuck in Atlanta on the way home).  I came back to NJ a better, more focused person and wedding planner. I enjoyed it so much that I definitely plan on attending again!  I'm all about continuing education and growth - things that stop growing tend to lose their sparkle!  And I'm planning on keeping TME shiny for years to come!

As always- Keep Celebrating!