Ceremony: When Parents Won't Compromise

What is it about weddings that makes people get all... weird!  Here's a situation I run into more than you'd think-  Say you and your fiance have already discussed ideas for the wedding ceremony.  What do you do when your parents suddenly have opinions?  It can and does happen- for some reason the word wedding makes your relatives care about things they previously had no interest in at all!  So how do you deal with it if your previously non-church going family suddenly wants a full Catholic mass and your spouse to be is Muslim? Or if your Jewish grandmother is insisting on getting the fabric for the chuppah but you and your Greek Orthodox fiance were really thinking of marrying in a quickie ceremony in the woods?

I've found that NJ weddings tend to be more multicultural than not- we are a melting pot after all!  Before family feud breaks out, consider this- although this is your wedding (most definitely), your family's been thinking about it probably since you were born.  They've got expectations to manage, so handle that with care.  That being said, this is YOUR wedding so you are allowed to set guidelines and parameters.  If your parents are being really stubborn and talking it out isn't working... use this line.

"I know you and I aren't seeing eye to eye on this right now mom/dad/grandma/etc, but it is really important to us that we start our life as a family in this way.  I understand that you may be hurt, but it would still do us a great honor if you would be a part of our wedding day."

Now this may work if you guys are 100% set on doing things your own way.  It will work even better if you're paying for it with 100% of your money.  If someone else is holding the purse strings then you may be just a little SOL.

Are there other options?  Absolutely!  You could have a dual ceremony- you could have more than one wedding if your budget can bear it... or you can blend in a way that reflects both of your families wishes equally.

Or, you could always elope!  {Just Kidding!!! Maybe....}

What are your experiences with interfaith weddings? What do you think a couple should do in this situation?