Enter the 'zilla- A Bridal Behavior Reality Check

Today I’m going to speak candidly on a little problem that seems to be running rampant with weddings right now. Certain reality TV shows give this phenomenon more credence than it deserves.  I for one do not see the glam in this particular behavior.  Granted everyone gets a little stressed out sometimes. That’s a normal part of life.  And everyone knows weddings can be stressful. But ladies… if you’ve somehow transformed from your normal self into an insane, overbearing, obnoxious, whiny brat… check yourself.  Take a deep breath.  Ask your maid-of-honor if you’ve been a little nutso lately.  If her answer starts with “Um…”, “Well…”, or a deep sigh, you probably need assistance.  If she’s not responding to your texts, BBMs, emails or phone calls- girl, you’ve got the ‘zilla.

How do we fix this and get you back to your normal like-able self?

First, get to the heart of the matter.  Figure out why you’re feeling so on edge. If your relationship with your future hubs is strained, go ahead and spend some time together -with one rule. DON’T talk about the wedding!  The break will do you good.

Is your mom or future mother in law driving you batty?  It’s time for the boundaries talk.  Go out to lunch, sit her down, and discuss honestly how you’re feeling. Avoid accusation, and act like an adult.  Trust me, it’s better to have this talk now, because eventually you WILL need to have it.

Maybe it’s the stress of having too much to do. If so, delegate!!  Get a member of your bridal party to help source vendors. Have your sister help you assemble favors or invites.  I also strongly encourage you to hire a planner- if not for the whole process, within the last month.  Worrying so much that you can’t eat and screaming at everyone in tossing distance does not a glowing bride make.

If it’s the money issue, re-evaluate.  Do you really need to have everyone from your first grade class attend the wedding?  Will your guests really remember that silk satin ribbon was hand tied on each napkin?  Think about ways to cut down the budget and simplify so you can save your sanity.

Whatever the reason, remember that the people you may be hurting are those you love- and those you will still need to deal with once the shindig is over and the last piece of cake has been eaten.  Rude is not cute- be a gracious bride, and a loving fiance, daughter, sister and friend.  This day is about you, AND your family- especially the new one you’re creating.

Remember, this wedding is a single day in your life.  Planning it is a fleeting time.  It can be stressful, but only as stressful as you allow it to be.  Take a deep breath (whooo sahhh), re-focus your energies and try to enjoy it!