SERIES: 5 Causes of Wedding Planning Stress - Part 4

Welcome Back! We're on Part 4 of the secret causes of wedding planning stress. We've already been through expectations of perfection, not knowing what you really want, and dealing with everyone else's expectations. This one is a doozy, because it can blindside you. It can mess with the foundations of the entire REASON for this celebration! 

Fourth Major Stress Point: Ignoring Your Fiancé 

It’s really easy to get caught up in planning out your ideas for the wedding and ignore the fact that your other half has a say too, but that can only lead to one thing- a grumpy fiancé. Many couples experience an increased incidence of pre-marital spats as the planning progresses, and that can lead to all kinds of stress. Don’t let this cause you to second guess- your partner's probably just feeling a little lonely! It’s important to remember that the day is about *both* of you. If you're handling the bulk of the planning, you can tend to get giddy over teeny details… 

Instead of forgetting all about your fiance's input, ask what they think! Include them in all the major decisions- otherwise, they're liable to think you’re more interested in the wedding than in them! And of course that’s not true, but if you’re gushing more over the custom ribbon that just came in than you have over him lately- you can’t blame him!

If he has concerns regarding something wedding-related, hear him out. Listening is an important skill to cultivate for the future.

Set aside time for the two of you to be together sans wedding planning. Go out to dinner (or cook together if you’re budgeting), go for a walk, watch a movie and just be together. It will help you remember why you’re getting married in the first place!

SERIES: 5 Causes of Wedding Planning Stress - Part 3

SERIES: 5 Causes of Wedding Planning Stress - Part 3

Time for part 3 of our series!  We've already covered Not knowing what you want, dealing with everyone else's expectations. Today we're chatting about the idea of perfection. It's touted by well meaning people, within and outside of the wedding industry, but I'm sad to say, it doesn't really exist. So how do you handle it?

SERIES: 5 Causes of Wedding Planning Stress- Part 1

SERIES: 5 Causes of Wedding Planning Stress- Part 1

We're starting a new blog series today, all about wedding planning stress. Even when you're the most even keeled person on the planet, planning a huge event can take it's toll on your sanity. Read on for stress relieving planning tips, starting with figuring out what you want!

Money Monday: Planning your Wedding Budget

Happy Monday!!

Today we're going to chat a bit about planning your wedding budget. Can you do this quickly and easily? Yes indeed you can! Below, I've listed a super basic breakdown of the items most commonly included in a wedding budget, and their associated percentages. Use this template to get your budget off to a fantastic start! 
Based on your priorities, you may spend more or less in each category, but usually you should expect to spend around these averages.

Almost half of your total budget will go to your reception costs- venue, food and beverage. The remainder is divided amongst all of your other wedding pros, photography, videography, florals and decor, entertainment, attire and music.

If you find that one of your pros doesn't quite fit these expectations you'll need to compromise and move money from one category to another. OR you can adjust your budget up to make room. Remember your budget is a living document- it can and should change as you get more information about what your vendors cost.

Looking for a spreadsheet template to use? Click here to download the TME Quick and Dirty Wedding Budget Template. Perfect for getting those ducks and dollars in a row the easy way!

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A Bride's Guide to Wedding Planning Packages

A Bride's Guide to Wedding Planning Packages

Full service, Day of Coordination, Wedding Day Management, Wedding Planning — what does it all mean? This can definitely cause confusion if you're trying to compare the packages when deciding which wedding planner to hire.