89 AWESOME Things Your Wedding Planner Can Do for You


I get a lot of questions about what exactly a wedding planner does.  Well, in truth, no two days ever look the same.  We do a lot of things for a lot of clients, and sometimes those things are completely different!  Here's a nice LONG list of all of the varied things that I've done for clients in my 5 years as a professional wedding planner.  Do I do these things for every client?  Nope.  But there is so much we can take off your plate and make easier for you.  And less stress equals a much smoother planning process and wedding day. A professional wedding planner can:

  1. Help you set up a wedding budget that makes sense for your event and your priorities
  2. Plan your engagement party
  3. Create a wedding website for you
  4. Source your wedding invitations
  5. Help you decide on wedding colors
  6. Help you decide on wedding style
  7. Find a venue for the ceremony
  8. Find a venue for the reception
  9. Negotiate vendor contracts
  10. Help you choose your floral decor including finding less expensive substitutes if necessary
  11. Guide you in staying on budget
  12. Manage your RSVPs
  13. Assemble and mail your invitations
  14. Help you source wedding favors
  15. Pre-prepare your thank you cards
  16. Bring wedding day decor, supplies and accessories to the venue
  17. Pick up breakfast and lunch the day of
  18. Confirm all of your vendors before the big day
  19. Source day of transportation for the bridal party and guests
  20. Plan wedding weekend activities
  21. Plan an post-wedding after party
  22. Help you find event sitters
  23. Come up with ideas ofr event enhancements
  24. Create out of town guest welcome bags
  25. Set up and confirm hotel blocks
  26. Track down guests who haven't RSVP'd
  27. Track and receive wedding related deliveries
  28. Help you choose a photographer
  29. Help you choose a cinematographer
  30. Get you appropriate ceremony program wording
  31. Help outline your ceremony
  32. Find an awesome independent officiant or celebrant
  33. Help you choose between a florist and a floral designer
  34. FIgure out your rental order
  35. Choose flattering and appropriate lighting decor
  36. Help you find a baker
  37. Keep track of your planning checklist
  38. Attend gown fittings
  39. Layout your ceremony seating plan
  40. Layout your reception floor plan
  41. Help with DIY projects
  42. Create handmade custom decor for the ceremony and reception
  43. Come up with creative ideas for decor
  44. Set up the venues with decor and other items
  45. Clean up and break down after the wedding
  46. Make sure all of your wedding related stuff makes it back to your hotel room
  47. Coordinate your transportation itineraries
  48. Attend menu tasting
  49. Help you choose a caterer
  50. Make suggestions on cocktails
  51. Pin on boutonnieres, corsages and distribute bouquets
  52. Help you find a DJ or band
  53. Help you find ceremony and cocktail hour musicians
  54. Make sure DJ or band have all your music ready to go
  55. Set up a comprehensive day of timeline itinerary
  56. Supervise the cardbox and gift table
  57. Help guests find their way around the venue
  58. Prepare and provide an emergency kit (bandaids, fashion tape and Tylenol are often requested!!)
  59. Create contingency plans for rain or other potential issues
  60. Find last minute seating for non-RSVPd guests
  61. Oversee and direct the ceremony rehearsal
  62. Plan the rehearsal dinner
  63. Make appointments with wedding vendors
  64. Book spa treatments
  65. Find hair & makeup artists
  66. Fix cake mishaps
  67. Give etiquette advice
  68. Let you know when it's ok to break the "rules"
  69. Help word your wedding invitations
  70. Create a timeline for each vendor
  71. Keep track of your vendor payment schedules
  72. Make sure everything runs smoothly on the day of
  73. Source a rental company for tents, dance floors, tables, chairs, etc.
  74. Distribute final payments and gratuities
  75. Guide guests to each segment of the event
  76. Fix broken boutonnieres
  77. Help photographer with the formal portraits, especially with family and extended family
  78. Suggest photo shoot locations
  79. Be a shoulder to cry on and lend an impartial listening ear when issues do arise
  80. Organize all wedding paperwork and contracts
  81. Make sure you get (and bring!) your marriage license
  82. Pick up forgotten items on the wedding day
  83. Tie up your bustle
  84. Cue musicians for ceremony and your grand reception entrance
  85. Make sure you both look great before any entrances
  86. Get you a few moments alone with your new spouse
  87. Get all vendors working as a team
  88. Be a source of random wedding related information
  89. Help you create an incredible wedding day minus the stress

Can you believe there is actually more to it than this?  Well there is!  Hiring a planner or even just a day of coordinator is well worth the investment.