Being a Balanced Bride - 6 Tips to Reduce Stress

So the ring is on your finger. You've set a bunch of the plans in motion, found the perfect gown, asked your 'maids, chosen the flowers, and booked the hall.  Suddenly, you notice that you're a little distracted- jumpy, touchy, snarky and snippy... just, off balance.  There's still so much left to DO and you're starting to feel a little overwhelmed.  How are you supposed to stay on top of these details, deal with the sudden influx of in-law issues (I know, your future MIL was *totally normal* before you got engaged! She'll probably settle down, I promise), manage your social life AND oh yeah, work full time???  It's surely enough to drive a girl batty!


Maybe a mini-bridezilla is about to rear her ugly head. Or maybe we can head that all off at the pass with a few simple stress-relieving tips!

1) Eat well and drink PLENTY of water!!  I know, you're busy! But eating a well balanced diet helps keep you properly fueled, and the right amount of energy helps with the natural stress response. Your body and your skin will thank you!

2) Get enough sleep.  What "enough" is of course depends on the person, but it's probably safe to say that staying up until 3am every morning reading wedding blogs is not going to help your stress levels.  A tired bride is an unhappy bride, and your psyche will thank you for getting enough shut-eye!

3) Get up and exercise!!  Do a little yoga, pilates, go for a jog, head to the gym and take out your frustration in a kickboxing class (imagine that bag is your <insert annoyance here>), shake your booty in Zumba, walk, dance, whatever gets you moving!  I know I always feel better after a nice workout.

4) Don't give up your social life!  Keep your girls' night out dates- spend time with your besties talking about everything EXCEPT the wedding.  Shop, go dancing, have a spa day- do something fun that will take your mind off the many decisions that will need to be made.

5) Get away from it all!  Take a break from wedding planning.  Turn off the laptop, put the smart phone on vibrate, and go out with your fiance and just spend time together.  Talk about something OTHER than the wedding.  After all, you're planning your life together- not just a wedding.  Go out to eat and catch a movie, head out to people-watch, or just stroll along holding hands. Reconnect! Really enjoy each other and remember why you're going through all this stress in the first place!

6) Ask for help and delegate!  In my opinion, this is the best stress reliever!  I know, it's hard!  BUT it can take a HUGE weight off your shoulders.  Of course this is where hiring a planner can be super helpful. Planning a wedding can take up to 300 hours (depending on size and such)- why would you want to go it alone?  Of course it's your day but you should enjoy this process- not strain under the burden of it all! So hand a few things over and breathe a sigh of relief!

If you're still feeling the pressure and feel like you might pop, it might be time to call in the big guns!  A huge part of a professional planner's job is to help you de-stress, take on what you'd rather not, and even talk you through those joyous in-law issues!  Our goal is to get you down the aisle calm, cool and fabulous, with your sanity intact.

Stay sane and keep celebrating!