TME Tips: 5 Things You Should NEVER DIY - Part Three: The Pictures

Today, we've got the third installment of the DIY? Oh No You Don't! Series- and it's all about Photography!  A picture is worth a thousand words.  That's what they say.  And when it comes to your wedding photos, those images are often the most tangible and precious.  Long after the last sip of wine is drunk and the last dance, your pictures will endure.  They have the potential to become family heirlooms, the subject of many a wistful memory.  Who knows, your grandchildren may even display them at their weddings.  With this in mind, it's a good idea to make sure you'll actually HAVE them.Number Three- Your priceless Memories Wedding pictures can be gorgeous swoon-inducing eye candy.  They can make you laugh, and cry and the best photographers can capture the true emotion of a moment and freeze it forever.  While considering your wedding budget, bear in mind that photography tends to average about 10% of your total costs.  This is a big chunk, indeed.  So you're going to meetings, hearing what some photographers charge and think "Whoa- the day is only so long... how can it be THAT much??  Doesn't my Uncle Rick have a camera? And he took that class at the community college- those nature shots he took came out pretty good- I'll ask him- I'm sure he wouldn't mind...and maybe..." Now hold on there just a second! Before you get all DIY and ask a friend or family member to bring their digital SLR, consider this: Your wedding photos are, quite literally, priceless.  There is oh so much more to a gorgeous wedding photo than just holding a camera and clicking at the right time.  It is an art form, one that most pros take very seriously.  Does Uncle Rick have the experience to know where to stand and what to shoot (the backs of heads in all of your vows shots do not a gorgeous album make)?  Will he be available early to take shots of you and the bridal party getting ready?  Is he able to head over to the venue to shots of all the gorgeous details you worked on while they are still unspoiled by guests' hands?  Will he be able to work (and photography IS work) while chatting it up with family? Pro photographers have the professionalism, logistical knowledge, and skill to get this all done and still capture you in your glowing glory as you walk down the aisle and back again, and dance the night away with your nearest and dearest.

Also, any friend or family member who would otherwise be invited to the wedding may just want to ENJOY the evening!  And if that enjoyment gets in the way of capturing the bouquet toss or your maid of honor's speech, there may be hard feelings all around.  Let your guests be guests!

So what's a bride to do if the budget's getting tight?  My number one tip is to go with the best professional photographer whose style and personality you love and whose price point you can also afford.  Ask them about available options in their packages.  Ask if you can create a package that fits your budget.  Don't be afraid to tell them your budget up front - if they can't help you, they may know someone awesome who can! While you may be tempted to do an all digital package and do the prints yourself, a professional album and prints will likely hold up better than something you get done at Target-and that is key when considering the permanence of these items.

Give your memories the attention they deserve!

Keep Celebrating and Happy Planning!