TME Tips: 5 Things You Should NEVER DIY - Part Five: The Music

Ack! Apologies for this super late final segment of the DIY? Oh No You Don't! Series- time slipped away from me there!  But anyhoo- here we go with the last installment- the Music.

Good music can make a party.  Ask anyone who's ever been to a wedding or party with a sub-par DJ or band- if the music does not suit the occasion or flow properly, the event can be ruined.  Even if you aren't dancing, appropriate music can lend a great deal of ambiance to a celebration.  

So you're in the market for your wedding day entertainment.  While searching for the best choice for your reception music, everything is starting to look the same... all the bands are sounding the same- showcase after DVD demo, you're ready to call the whole thing off.  You recall the fact that you've got a pretty sweet music collection- and your cousin has his old DJ set up collecting dust in the basement... You think "Oh I'll just have HIM DJ the wedding, using my iPod/laptop/CD walkman/Collection of mixtapes... or better yet, we can just hop over to the booth and change it up the way we want to!  And it will be freeeeee!"

Um, sorry to burst your bubble (actually, I'm not) but that is probably not the best plan. Before you decide to go this route, ask yourself the following. Do you really want to be futzing with the music set up while you're supposed to be enjoying the evening? Who will be acting as MC and announcing everything?  Is the equipment in question functional and compatible with everything you have?  Are the speakers adequate for the space your wedding is taking place in?  How will your family members and friends react to being pressed in to DJ service?  Who will be loading the equipment in pre-wedding (when you're supposed to be getting ready) and breaking it down (when you're supposed to be shmoozing with new hubby).

Not to mention the fact that your idea of a great playlist may not keep the mixed crowd at your reception bopping the way you'd like it to.  A great DJ or band will watch the crowd and play off their reactions to keep everyone moving. They'll tone down the music for dinner service and generally keep the event flowing at an even pace.  Trust me, the investment is well worth it.

When looking for your entertainment, here are a few questions to ask: - Will the DJ/Band also be providing emcee duties? - Does the DJ work with an assistant? - How many members are in the band, and what are the set and break lengths? - If you have a specific budget, ask if the DJ/band can work within it, but DON'T ask them to lower their pricing or give a discount. They charge what they charge for a reason. - Also to consider- hire the pro that you LIKE the most- and sit with the decision for a while before putting money down.  If you get a good feeling your event will show it!

Keep Celebrating!