TME Tips: 5 Things You Should NEVER DIY- Part One: The Flowers.

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today we're going to chat a little bit about the DIY phenomenon.  Personally, I LOVE IT!  There are more ways than ever to make your wedding uniquely YOU.  And there are tons of ways to get your hand into your wedding, literally!  You can make things, bake things, assemble things, paint things.... and because of all these neat new ways to customize, it's easy to get caught up the in the overwhelm.  In my opinion, if you're going to DIY your wedding, less is more. There are so many little pieces, and a ball is bound to be dropped if you're trying to handle it all by yourself. 

Some things are better left to the pros.  So here's my list of the FIVE things you should NEVER DIY, and if you want to go for it anyway, how to do it without losing your mind and a ton of money. Today's installment- The Flowers!

Number One - Floral decor Imagine this- you see a gorgeous spread in your favorite wedding glossy- beautiful tall centerpieces, a lush floral altar canopy, gorgeousness in all its glory.  You tear it out and bring it to a floral designer.  You get the quote and practically drop dead from sticker shock. Understandable- florals are not cheap, nor should they be.  So you think, "no biggie, I'll go ahead and buy bulk flowers from Costco a few days before (or order them on the net), and put them together myself!  That will surely be cheaper and it can't possibly be all that difficult!"

Yeah... don't do that.

Think about this: Where and how are you going to store all those flowers?  Did you buy enough of each flower and vase?  Do you know how to care for those specific flowers? Do you have all the tools you need?  Who will be transporting the arrangements to the venue and bringing them and the containers back at the end of the night? Is the transportation the right temperature? Who's setting them up on the day of? Here's a hint- buying your vases at retail, and flowers at retail is probably not cheaper.  Proper floral care is pretty involved- that is why floral designers charge what they do- they have the expertise.  They have the tools- and they've got the equipment. Do you really want to be worrying about transporting vases, flowers, and other items to your venue the night before your wedding?  Wouldn't you rather be enjoying your last night of single-dom with your friends and family?  And morning-of assembly???  Why not

If you want to try your hand at a floral project for your wedding, here's a quick suggestion- just do the personal flowers- even easier if you've got a small bridal party.  Hand tied bouquets can be gorgeous, and how sweet it will be to tell your grandkids that you made your wedding bouquet! These can be simple to make if you choose the right flowers (the hardier the better!).

Check out next Tuesday's post for part two: The Food.

Happy Planning and Keep Celebrating!