Making Things Happen in 2013

Happy New Year!!   It's 3 days into 2013 and after a bit of an absence, I'm back and blogging.  Last year was a whirlwind to say the least.  So much happened and so much didn't happen... it was incredible!  As many of you know, I'm grad of the Making Things Happen 2011 tour, NYC class to be exact.  If you aren't familiar with the phenomenon that is Making Things Happen click here to be inspired! So for this year, one of our goals is to evaluate 2012 before diving in to 2013 goalsetting. One way to do this is to look at what worked, what didn't work and what we LOVE (or what Fires us Up as Lara puts it).  I've had a great time working through these first 3 steps because so much went right, and then so much went wrong at the same time. One of my main intentions this year is to live an intentional life and to stop going through the motions.  So here's my first step.

2012 stuff that worked I made a bunch of really great connections with some really amazing people. I took time off- real vacations! The launch of the "I Do" DIY Expo. Worked with some really AMAZING clients. Did my first speaking gig at "I Do" DIY, and landed another one for 2013. Attended 2 great conferences and learned a LOT about myself and my business. Started attending church regularly again. Got published - twice in print (PM Fine Living and The Knot NJ) and on Wedding Wire's blog. Went natural with my hair (no more relaxers for this chica!) Worked at some incredible venues. Started back at yoga class (a grounded planner is a happy planner). Launched my Authentic Weddings eCourse. I got PREGNANT!! I'm due early June 2013.

Good things right??

And then there were the moments that weren't so good...

2012 stuff that DIDN'T work Anytime I forgot to let the Divine lead Trying to do too much too fast (not a good idea to add 3 new routines at once) Anytime I ate poorly or "forgot" to exercise. Taking on clients I know I shouldn't have Anytime I tried to do it all myself. Saying yes when I should have said no. Being inconsistent with anything in my life. Ignoring housework (My home is my sanctuary and should be treated as such) Avoiding action, opportunity and relationships because of fear. Forgetting to be grateful.

So of course I have an idea of things I need to be mindful of this year.

What Fires Me Up?? My son Jacob's laugh and smile. 70 degree days. Being outside. Dave Matthews Band. A nice glass of bubbly. Huge old clawfoot tubs. Being in or near water. Enya. Singing my heart out. Gooey desserts. Cooking. The smell in the air right after it rains. A clean organized space. Love in action. Sun salutations and Child's Pose Brand new notebooks. Well structured event timelines. An organized plan.

One of our tasks is to create a Pinterest board that embodies our "Fired Up" list. Mine is still in progress, but if you want to check out my Pinterest page feel free!

I am super excited for what 2013 will bring- new focus, new goals, new dreams and new BABIES!!  Stay tuned for the developments!  What's on your plate for 2013?

'Til then, Keep Celebrating!