Making the Most of your Bridal Show Visit


Bridal Shows, showcases and expos are a great way to meet wedding vendors, take a look at the latest trends and even actually PLAN some of your big day! But let's face it- that crowded, loud and hectic space is not very conducive to focus.  Definitely not a zen way to plan your wedding.  So how do you stay in the moment?  Here are a few tips to keep your wits about you.

1) Bring a friend but not too many! Ideally, your fiance should join you since it's their day too.  I recommend a maximum of 2 people in addition to the bride.  Maybe your mom or maid of honor.  If you bring too many people you're more likely to be distracted.  And going it alone may cause you to freeze up!

2) Eat before you go and bring a bottle of water to drink! You'll be doing a lot of talking and walking as you meet vendors, and while there may be free food and drink, it's best to go with your energy reserves filled up!

3) Create a game plan- you'll be meeting every kind of vendor under the sun; DJ's to dry cleaners, florists and favor companies to photographers and everyone in between!  Figure out who you're looking for and focus on talking to those pros.

4) If you click, plan a consult! Bring your calendar (or smartphone!) That way, if you do happen to meet a wedding pro that you get a really good vibe from, and you think they may be the perfect match to your ideal day, you can schedule that consult right there.

5) Relax and have fun!  Bridal shows are meant to be a great experience!  Don't fall for the pressure that some vendors may put on you, and if you get a weird feeling, never hesitate to end the conversation and walk away.  Don't feel like you need to book everything *rightnow* either- always take time to sleep on any wedding related decision you're not comfortable with.

With these tips in mind, you should have a great bridal show experience!  For great listings and info on NJ bridal shows and wedding events, check out