Our mission, and we choose to accept it!

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! I just spent 2 fabulous days in NYC brushing up on my business planning skills at The Simple Plan. Part of what we focused on during the workshop was figuring out the basis of why we're in business at all. From this, we worked out our mission statements. I thought I had a handle on why I loved what I do before, but now- I've got more than a handle- it's super-glued to my conscience! So here is our mission- why we seek to create the most incredible weddings, social and life-stage events ever for our clients: "This Moment Events is bonded to fostering and celebrating the human connection that transcends time, distance and culture through the intricate design and coordination of charming and polished events that highlight our clients' stories within the tapestry of their lives. We bring substance to the ephemeral occasions of life, thereby enabling our clients to revel in the truly lived moments."

Keep celebrating!!