Money Monday: 15 Ways to Trim Your Wedding Budget - Part Three

Here's the final installment of 15 Ways to Trim your Wedding Budget- today we're discussing decor and details!

11) Use seasonal local flowers in your bridal bouquets and arrangements.  Depending on your florist, it can cost a lot less and it is a more eco-friendly option than having flowers shipped in.  Tulips in New Jersey in December?  Expect to incur some expense.

12) Keep the details simple.  Don't overwhelm yourself or your budget with tons of tiny touches your guests might not notice anyway.  You do not need to spend money on personalized ribbon wraps for the soap in the bathroom.  No one will notice and they'll end up in the garbage! Focus on high impact details that guests will see for sure, like the programs for example.

13) When considering music, opt for a combo platter!  If you're using for a DJ, look for one who'll do both the mixing and the emceeing, and confirm that they can handle both.  You may save on assistants' fees.  Or if you're looking into bands, consider smaller ensembles with the same style that can accomplish the same sound.

14) Carpool!  Think about how many vehicles you really need to transport the bridal party and wedding day VIPs.  It's likely that you don't need a fleet of limos.  One larger vehicle like a luxury van or party bus may be able to do the job for a lower cost.  You could also ask if a friend or family member is willing to perform transport duties.  Two caveats though: First- make sure you've got reliable and sober transportation to the hotel at the end of the night.  Second- If someone volunteers to get you to the church on time, make sure their car is squeaky clean inside!  Errant crumbs can ruin a wedding gown!

15) Don't sweat the small stuff!  Last minute purchases can stack up fast.  If it's the 11th hour and you discover that you've forgotten an "essential," just forget it!  Don't stress yourself or your pocketbook out by making last minute purchases!  Didn't get a cake knife? Borrow one.  Have a trusted friend or your planner hold your cards instead of buying a card box at the craft store.  You'll end up married at the end of the day without it, so relax and come up with alternatives.

There you have it- 15 simple ways to trim your wedding budget!  Were you a budget bride?  Are you planning a wedding on a budget right now?  Have any additional tips?  Tell us about it below!

And of course- Keep Celebrating!