Money Monday: 15 Ways to Trim Your Wedding Budget - Part Two

It's Money Monday again!  Today we're continuing our list of 15 easy ways to trim your wedding budget.  Here we have some tips to save on your reception, and your wedding attire.

6) Serve a limited bar.  cut out the hard liquor and only serve house wine, beer and soft drinks.  You could go even farther and do a wine only bar or a beer only bar. Or even cut out alcohol altogether.  Your guests won't miss what's not there.  If you have a lot of big drinkers in your circle, you can always let them know ahead of time and then it's their decision whether to attend or not.

7) Slim down the menu.  Ask your caterer or banquet manager if you can remove an item or two from the menu, or replace it with something less expensive.  If you're having a pretty involved cocktail hour, skip the appetizer with dinner.  Or replace it with soup.  Or see if you can cut the cocktail hour down to a half hour and serve a more limited spread.  You never know if you don't ask.

8) Have a small wedding cake and another less expensive dessert. Not everyone eats cake (although I think non cake-eaters are crazy! that stuff it delish!) so getting a cake to feed the whole crowd may be a waste of money.  Perhaps you could serve cake and pastries or cookies instead.

9) Find a gown at a discount, or rent or borrow one.  Look for sales early and consider buying a white gown off the rack.  It can then be altered or embellished to your heart's content.  Remember, the dress does not have to have a major designer's name on the label for you to look incredible in it.

10) When renting the tux, don't go for the most expensive. Consider doing a 2 piece suit instead of a 3 piece ensemble.  Or buy an inexpensive suit- that way you'll have it for other "formal" occasions.  Another option- have the groom and all the guys wear black, grey, brown or navy blue slacks and white shirts instead.

Stay tuned for the last 5 tips next Monday!

And as always, Keep Celebrating!