Money Monday: 15 Ways to Trim Your Wedding Budget- Part One

Money Monday is BACK!  In today's edition we're discussing 15 easy ways to trim your wedding budget.  Getting married in New Jersey and the tri-state area can be a financially daunting task, if you let it!  We're going to break the tips down into bite sized chunks- check back next week for the next 5 tips!  Here are five simple ways to rein that out of control budget back in!

1) Plan ahead.  If you're a couple that is heading towards matrimony, take a look at your finances before you start talking wedding bells.  Consider a budget, and work towards that as a savings goal.  In addition to that, once the big question has been popped, set a wedding date that gives you enough time to consider your decisions and finish up saving if necessary.

2) Cut Your Guest List.  It's a challenge, it's a pain, but it's necessary!  You have to cut it!  You can't assume some people won't show, because Murphy's law says they certainly will. Cut out kids under a certain age, work colleagues, people you haven't seen in a certain amount of time.  Be ruthless.  Remember, 12 people is an entire table.  Cutting those 12 people at $100 per person saves you $1200! And that doesn't account for sales tax, service charge, the cost of invites, postage, the centerpiece, linens, chair covers... you get the picture.  (If you still don't get it though, check out this video!)

3) Consider holding your wedding in one location.  Decor can be repurposed in this situation, saving money.  You'll also save on transportation (don't need that limo...) and site fees.  This option is also an eco-friendly way to wed- it cuts down on your carbon footprint by keeping guests from having to travel between locales.

4) Have an off season wedding.  Some venues (and even vendors, although that is becoming less common) offer discounts to couples getting married in the off season- in NJ that tends to be the dead of winter- most of January and into February.  Want to get really radical?? Get married on a really off day- like a Tuesday.  Invite only your very nearest and dearest, and head to a restaurant for the reception - you're guaranteed to have a more affordable celebration!

5) Make a DIY project out of your wedding invitations.  You have to be careful with this tip- don't go into this planning on creating 250 ornate pocketfolds yourself and expecting to save money.  However, if you make simple single panel invitation in a standard size, with a postcard RSVP, or even an email RSVP link, you can save a big chunk.

I hope you enjoyed today's five tips!  Stay tuned until next week to check out the next five!  What was your favorite tip?  Share your feedback below!!

Keep Celebrating and Happy Planning!